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Prepping For Free Or Cheap

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A survival guide to get you prepared for a disaster while saving money. We all know that emergencies, disasters and unexpected events are headed our way. We just do not know when the unforeseen will happen. You might know that you want to prepare for unanticipated or surprising situations, but you cannot buy equipment or pay for the knowledge that you know you need. At times we find ourselves in a situation that doesn't allow us to spend money. This book will help you to learn about what it takes to be prepared for the next coming disaster in the cheapest way possible. You can learn how to get an education, put food in your pantry, store water, have good health and save a little money along the way. Modern techniques and time-honored methods fill the pages of this book. Each page guides you through the best and easiest ways to NOT spend money to get what you need for the least out-of-pocket cost. Good luck as you put into practice these methods to a prepared future with a little cash in your pocket!


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Spontaneous parties, unstructured suppers, impromptu invitations, unexpected guests at any time of the day - welcome to Prepped!, a new, time-saving, inspirational and delicious way of cooking.

Vanessa Kimbell takes a selection of fabulous flavours and creates a basic 'wardrobe' of go-anywhere dishes. By linking your recipes you can produce delicious food in less time, and by layering a selection of signature flavours you can transform your everyday cooking into something special.

Prepped! Stunning food that makes an enviable statement about your lifestyle.

About the Author

Vanessa Kimbell knows how to squeeze in all the delicious things in life, along with three children and a demanding job. As a trained chef she has developed a unique way of cooking to fit in spontaneous suppers, impromptu dinner parties and fabulous picnics. Now a food columnist with her own BBC radio food show, she shares her smart, instinctive way of cooking that makes the most of your time in the kitchen.

Gluten Free Meals Prepared With A Slow Cooker

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Take action regarding your health! Prepare your own gluten free meals with slow cooker using recipes in this book.

Gluten free lifestyle is being taken seriously by today's health conscious individuals. With more people becoming gluten intolerant or allergic, research has shown that wheat products are responsible for this. This had led medical personnel to encourage people to have a change in diet and lifestyle by eliminating gluten-containing products from their meals. To help achieve this gluten free living, this book contains recipes that are gluten free. Cook the recipes to delicious perfection with a slow cooker. Combining different colourful ingredients with a slow cooker to prepare meals is one exciting experience you will look forward to.

Here's a peep of what you'll get when you download this book:

Tips for preparing gluten free meals with a slow cooker Delicious And Gluten Free Breakfast, lunch and dinner Recipes Non-Gluten Soups And Stews Slow-Cooked To Perfection Delightfully Simple Gluten Free Meals Cooking with slow cooker keeps your house warmed with soothing spices and inviting aromas in winter and your kitchen cooled during summer. It also does all the work for you and gives you free time for the most of the day.

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Survival Foods - A Guide To Selection And Storage

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Table of Contents Preface Chapter 1 -Introduction Chapter 2 - Survival Foods That You Need by Your Side MRE Rice Beans Cornmeal Lard Salt Sugar Pasta Peanut butter Chapter 3 - What not to store Tuna Flour Saltine and graham crackers Breakfast cereals Tomato items Home dehydrated foods Bottled salad dressings Chapter 4 - Storing your food Ground storage Root cellaring Chapter 5 - Methods of Food Preservation Dehydrating Canning Commercially canned food Frozen foods Chapter 6 - Survival in the Wilderness Universal edibility test Temperate zone plants Tropical zone food plants Desert zone food plants Seaweeds North African plantation Conifers Grasses Oaks Preparation of Plant Food Chapter 7 - Other sources of survival foods Insects Amphibians Fish Birds Small Mammals Reptiles Conclusion References Author Bio Publisher Preface Life as we know it is quite simple. We all have an organized structure in which we live in, and all our necessities are nearby. Humans require water and food, above all other commodities and necessities, to survive and in our natural habitat we do not worry about the provision of these items. A simple visit to the grocery store serves all our requirements. But, our job here is not to tell you the things you already know, but to prepare you for any hurdle that may come into this organized structure. Floods, earthquakes, or any other natural disaster may influence your life negatively and this book is all about helping you in picking the right food to survive in these circumstances. Panic is the first indication of losing it all. We want you to avoid that and the methodology is preplanning and awareness of disastrous situations. In this book, we initiate by advising you about the importance of planning ahead so that you do not feel that you are spending too much just for emergency situations. Shop side by side each time you visit the grocery store. We explain what you need and the shelf lives of the most important high quality survival foods. As we know it is human nature to make mistakes, we also advise you on how you may avoid the key ones in our section of what not to store. Lastly, we tend to the people stuck in the wilderness and give them key points on the identification of safe plants to eat and the gold universal edibility test. This book aims to educate you in choosing the best survival foods and storage instructions to protect you from adverse scenarios.

Must-know Simple Life Hacks In Marriage Preparation

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Would you like to solve differences with your spouse without hurting each other?

Would you like to revive the strong romantic feelings for your spouse once more?

If you answered "YES!" to any of the above, then Must-Know Simple Life Hacks In Marriage Preparation is what you need now.

Unlike other guide books on marriage preparation, this book places no restrictions on religious background or sexual orientation. You'll also find a simple blueprint and easy-to-follow techniques to accompany each section that can lead both of you on the path of a more fulfilling experience together.

Also if you're still dating, this book will equip you with the necessary skills to build a long-lasting married life filled with the level of happiness you yearn for.

In addition, you will also discover

  • Joyous marriage ingredients that happy couples swear by
  • The best way to put an end to household rules and fighting between the couple over responsibilities
  • The 5 things which make or break
  • Secrets to power up your marital romance
  • Plus! Bonus chapter on everyday things couples should have never stopped doing
  • And much more

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